I want to run Linux off my 128 mb usb
i need to know a few things

  1. whats a good linux “version”
  2. how do i boot it after i download it on usb

thanks (remember im a nub…ish)

I’d go with DSL. To boot from the USB drive you’ll probably need to change the boot order in BIOS. There’s an article on that gives a walkthrough on setting it all up. The article recommends a minimum of 256MB for storage, but * it should work with just 128MB.*

I don’t think all computers can support booting from USB, and if you’re going to be carrying this thing around, you might not have permission to alter people’s BIOS.

If you’re looking for something portable, a live-cd like might be a bit easier as well as more functional.

If you’re going to go through the trouble of changing the BIOS to boot off of a USB drive (which I don’t even know if all mobos can do), it would probably just be more advantageous (and easier) to use a live CD like Knoppix or SLAX.

If you really want to go the USB route, that althack article basically covers it all. Good luck :slight_smile:

Could you do this with an iPod?

iPod Linux :slight_smile:

Yeah I know about iPodLinux. But I mean can you use your iPod as a “Live USB”? BUt I think I found the answer of yes by reading the link posted before, and a few other google results I found.

Nevermind… I can’t get my iPod formatted because I keep getting a “Volume is too big.” error.