liquid electrical tape

Team 280 want’s to know if using liquid electrical tape is aloud. Using electrical tape is aloud but we don’t if it applies toward liquid electrical tape?
Would someone Help us with this problem. We would appreciate the help. thanks.:ahh:

I don’t know if liquid electrical tape is legal this year, however we used it 3 years ago on our robot and learned a very valuable lesson: don’t. The stuff smells, is very unmanagable, and is only really necessary in a very small subset of circumstances. If you cannot do what you need to do with real connectors or regular electrical tape then you might want to consider doing it differently. While we were allowed to use liquid electrical tape that year, at the end of the day we really wished we hadn’t and vowed to never let that vile stuff into our shop ever again.


I agree with Danny. You can use it buy why would you want to?

A good supply of heat shrink tubing and regular electrical tape should be all you need.

We have used liquid electrical tape and the inspectors have loved it !! We cover all terminals with it. It is much easier than shrink wrap in certain situations and much easier to make repairs. We plan on using it again this year.

I wouldn’t say that inspectors actually ‘love it’. I have allowed it in the past when it is used in place of electrical tape, i.e. insulation and that it is correctly applied. Know that if you need to remake a connection once it is covered, the only right way is remove with paint remover which is not allowed in the pit. Heatshrink is so much nicer and there is no drying time to worry about.

to secure the connection between the terminal and the pwm we usually put some hot glue. If done properly it can look decent and if for whatever reason something needs to be changed or fixed you can just pull off the hot glue with some needle nose pliers.

I’m not familiar with liquid electrical tape, but is it visible? If not–then how do you know if it’s present or not–that sounds like an awfully bad idea to me :ahh:

It comes in at least black and red. Probably in other colors too.

sounds interesting… but i wouldn’t.
i second the hot glue suggestion… that liquid electrical tape is very nasty stuff.

We’ve used it on the connections with the 6 guage wire from the battery. The inspectors always want those taped, are never happy with the tape job, it’s hard to tape neatly, and the liquid tape does a good job. It you don’t like the smell, just do it before you leave for the night and let it dry overnight. Usually, takes at least two coats on the heavy terminals.

I am glad that somebody started this post because I walked in our lab and one of the menors purchased that stuff and i was gonna use use it but i changed my mind.
Keep it simple is always best.

Let me add to what I said before. We use it in places that are hard to tape or apply shrink wrap. Terminals with odd angles or hard to reach spots. You can remove it without paint thinner. Everything has its place and used correctly this stuff is good.

I’ve used it in project boxes to make sure that pins I solder to an IC don’t short.

But that’s about it.