Liquid water on Mars??

In today’s press statement, NASA announced, “it has found ‘compelling’ evidence that liquid water flowed recently on the surface of Mars.”

This is pretty sweet.

Agreed. That will really shake (or stir? :smiley: Casino Royale is an excellent movie, for those who haven’t seen it) things up because not only has Mars had flowing water in the past, but now it’s had flowing water in the recent past. Maybe it’s not such a quote-unquote “dead” planet after all.

Dave, anything you can share with us/update us on this?

It’s a hint…Water Game!!
(couldn’t resist… :rolleyes: )

Does this mean Dave will emcee a regional on Mars in 2010?

The Manual for that game might look a tad different.

The standard for Mars robots has been set pretty high – design it to run for three months, then actually run it for three years.

NASA is already planning a permanent Lunar base by 2024. Seems like that would be a great place to start for a competition.

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(can you say “water game”?!! :smiley: )