How many Autodesk and 3D Studio licenses do I get with my software kit that came with my registration fee?

25 for Autodesk Design Academy, not sure about 3DS.

3d studio max is one liscence, while the autodesk package (inventor, VIZ and the like) is 25. You can use VIZ for basic operations on the animation if you don’t have more copies of max.

So to install 3D Studio Max on multiple computers I have to have multiple copies? Would it be best to wait on registration on my laptop and install the single copy I have on one of the team’s computers? Is the liscense for 3dsmax able to be registered more than once under the same way? Or would it be best to install it on the server? If possible. Sorry I don’t really know much about this stuff it is my first year doing the animation and it’s also my senior year.

To be legal, the answer is one copy of 3dmax per computer, so no you cannot install the same copy on multiple computers and I wouldnt do a server install because you do not have a lab liscense for it. Like I said before, to be legal, use VIZ and its 25 liscenses for modeling and other things (only things it can’t do are particle systems and a couple other special effects things). Then you can use your one copy of MAX to do more advanced things and rendering and other modeling.

ok… I don’t think our team recieved the Autodesk bundle. All we got was 3ds Max.

They all should have been shipped in the same box.

The ADA box says Autodesk, and 3ds max says Discreet.

Yeah I know but I didn’t see the other programs… there was a letter from Autodesk that said that they should be there but they weren’t.