does anyone know of any compliers for it


If you want to get started programming in Lisp (Common Lisp more specifically) you can download Lispbox, a full Lisp environment.


It also comes free, built-in with every copy of AutoCAD. (Not the LT light version.) It’s very AutoCAD specific, though I’ve seen maze creations and even a version of Spacewars using LISP.

But that’s probably not what you meant. :slight_smile:


(Needless to say, I did my share of AutoCAD LISPing. Still could, if I had to.)

emacs also has a built-in lisp interpreter.

If anyone’s considering learning lisp, I would highly encourage you to do so. Learning any functional programming language (Lisp, ML, Scheme, Haskell, etc) and learning it well, will make you a better programmer when using any procedural or OO language (C/C++, Perl, etc), because it helps you to learn to approach problems from different perspectives.

When reviewing resumes at work to decide who we call for a phone-screen, I give bonus points to those who list a functional language in their skill set. (We don’t actually have any sort of point system; I just mean that I’m more likely to look more closely at the candidate.) Of course, if you do list it on your resume, you better be able to back it up during the interview.