List CAN devices from software?

Is it possible? I know there’s some endpoint on the roboRIO’s webserver that does it, but it shouldn’t have to be so complicated.
There’s also the library function FRC_NetworkCommunication_CANSessionMux_receiveMessage but I’m not sure how to use it. in PDP.cpp and PCM.cpp it’s given an arbitration ID and kFullMessageIDMask (0x1fffffff) which appears to filter out only messages with that arbitration ID. Is there a way to instead get all messages and check the arbitration IDs to see which devices are present? Or is the only way to spam the function with all possible combinations of arbitration IDs? And will doing so disrupt normal usage of CANTalon, PowerDistributionPanel, and Compressor?

This sounds like what you are asking for…

… although it’s not clear what your goal is. It’s not typical to have a robot that needs to determine on-the-fly what’ s plugged in. More info might yield a better solution.