List of AprilTag 3d positions?

Is there currently a list of 3d positions and rotations for the AprilTags? I know WPILib has a system of using a JSON file to store the locations. Is there a JSON file with them?
Thanks all.

You can either look at the pull request to add the 2023 json file to allwpilib on github, or mechanical advantage’s 2023 code has it in a map rather than as json.


Map permalink is here:

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It’s in 2023 Layout Marking Diagram, available in the field drawings package. Playing Field | FIRST

Note that there seems to be a typo in it, see here

@jonahb55 Are these to the center of the AprilTags or the bottom left corner? Thanks!

They’re to the center of the tags. Here are the poses in AdvantageScope (yellow cones = poses).

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