List of cancelled off season events

As teams are looking forward to the summer and fall I think we need a list started. Please only list a cancelled event if you KNOW it is cancelled. ( YOU have received an official email from event coordinator or you are on the planning committee)

Known Cancelled Events:

Event Date Location Reason
Gitchi Gummi get Together July Duluth, MN cancelled
Laser lights August Dousman, WI No field available
Mayhem in Merrimack May Merrimack, NH Postponed till the Fall
SCRIW October Columbia, SC No field available
Wings over Camarillo August Ventura, CA Venue cancellation

Wings over Camarillo, Ventura CA (August). Event it’s held at is called off for the year.

As a suggestion, it may be useful to also note area and time of year for the events.

If this is going to be the thread for canceled off-season event, you should make the OP a wiki for people to update


Done. I think.


For what it is worth, there isn’t much clarity right now on how most off-season events can occur this year. Since many of the planned official 2020 events have been suspended and not canceled, we do not yet know if off-season events will be able to acquire the necessary field hardware and electronics to play the game.

Off-season events could of course use their own electronics and hardware, but many (all of the MN events) have historically used the official playing field and the feasibility of doing that is currently unknown for 2020.

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It seems like summer events are less likely. But it is up to each state to decide how they are going to open up. Than it is up to each event to see if they can get the field to use. Time will tell.

I wish I could tell you what is happening with the Kendrick Castillo Memorial Tournament this year, but I can’t. There are too many things that are not clear or even murky. September is completely opaque. I do know that we lost about $40k in pledged sponsorship for the event, but that the main sponsors still want to support it, albeit in a much less elaborate fashion. I do know that teams want to play this game. I just don’t know if we can.


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