List of Community/Independent Teams

4183 Bit Buckets and 6413 Degrees of Freedom are working on a big project to network other community teams together. I’m trying to get a big list together of independent and community teams together, could you guys post any to help me expand my list?
Any team that would define themselves as one count, but the usual definition is any team not associated with a school or school district and lets students from anywhere join the team.

Current list
4183, Bit Buckets, Tucson, AZ
Independent, Has a partnership with a high school to receive AZ Tax Credit Donations

6413, Degrees of Freedom, Chandler, AZ
Associated with Si Se Puede Foundation

5465, Binary Bots, Chandler, AZ
Associated with Si Se Puede Foundation

6377, Howdy Bots, Austin, TX
Independent Team

1492, Team CAUTION, Tempe, AZ
Independent Team

7059, Bot-E Builders, Prescott, AZ
Independent Team

3840, Teens ‘Nto Technology is the only MN independent team I can think of.

Some really notable examples are 1902 (Exploding Bacon), 2767 (Stryke Force), 2826 (Wave Robotics), 4967 (That ONE Team), and 2771 (Code Red Robotics).

299 is a community team out of Cupertino, CA.

6829 is a community team out of Suwanee, GA.

2067 Apple Pi

is a 4H community team in Southern Connecticut

6886 Synthesizers

4-H Team in Benton County, Missouri

2826 is partnered with the Rec department to take advantage of the benefits and insurance the school district can give to its organization but we are open to any high school aged student in Winnebago county.

6909 SAKURA Tempesta from Chiba, Japan does build out of a university in the city, but any students are allowed to join their team.

3476, community based team out of Irvine, California.

2614 is a community team from Morgantown, WV.

After 2016, Team 747 (formerly 869: PowerCord) became a community team.

6955 “Los Chilis” is a community based team out of Santiago, Chile.

4309 Botsmiths

is a 4-H team in Snohomish, Washington

Off the top of my head (probably missing some), teams in North Carolina are:

836 - The RoboBees

Community based team since 2016 season in Hollywood, MD.

Team 78 Air Strike is a 4-H community team from Newport, Rhode Island.

3132 and 5663/5333 are great examples from Australia.

973 in California is also a community team.

Add FRC team 2194 Fondy Fire from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to the list. We meet at Moraine Park Technical College, and are open to any area students willing to make the drive to the school.

We also have our FTC team 11414 and LEGO League teams.

Isn’t it in 4607’s name? Coalition of Independent Students? Legit asking as I don’t know the team well.

Team 980 from Burbank/Glendale/north Los Angeles county has students from 16 schools all around the Los Angeles area. We build in a Disney space in Glendale.