List of Killer Bee Bot Bottoms

Thanks Everyone for a great Season, we had a lot of fun.

I know some people wanted this, so heres a list of nearly all the signs on we put on the bottom of the robot this year (in no perticular order).

Bee Happy!
404 Error: Ground not Found
Insert Buzz Phrase Here
Every Team Needs a Chet! Get Well!
ChippenDale Worthy?
Oh, I like big bots and I can not lie
It’s all in the wrist!
Uh-Oh! Vertigo
If you like it then you better put a nut on it
Y’all Fixin’ ta git me down?
Float like a butterfly
Thanks, Dean!
Jump Jim Jump!
Buns of Aluminum
Fundraiser? <pic of boxers> Buy Bee Brand Boxers
Dave, will you go to prom with me?
Chet, We need your pick list!
Easy as Pie!
Hey Rush! This is how we shake our thing!
Design NOT inspired by HOT
Does this make my bot look big?
If EM>0 2 points
I can see Alabama from here!
Look no hands!
Flippity Do-Dah
ooh! SHINY!
I know your looking
Hello Kitty (and Matt, Peter, and Jim…)
This is only a test
Don’t Stop Bee-Lieving
No Flash photography please!
See you in Atlanta!
What What?
Tell me a story Dave!
<up arrow> This End Up!
Additional Sponsers Here
Technical Award?
If (33=Team) WIN();
You can dance if you wana!
<pic of moon>
It is supposed to do that
Finals Baby!

Thanks again everyone!

Seeing these was always one of my favorite parts of watching your matches. I hope you find a way to continue this in future years. :slight_smile:

All great names to put onto a great robot.

I heard Rush and HOT chant this cheer outside the pits to one another in ATL when we we all packing up. Its probably one of the greatest cheers I have ever heard. :slight_smile:

It’s a Michigan thing:p

You haven’t been to Michigan have you? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, 33, you should have one prepared for Kettering Kickoff if you have a match with us. Hintsuspensionhint

By the way, 33, you should have one prepared for Kettering Kickoff if you have a match with us. Hintsuspensionhint

No need to wait for Kettering! I expect to see Clinton put some strong verticals on for MARC!

Uhh… We’ve been lobbying Clint to do that since Kettering District. Since when does Clint do what people want Clint to do? I’ll be surprised.

Since when does Clint do what people want Clint to do?

Good point…however I can think of one time…and it is in your signature:

2010 Ann Arbor District - Quality Award and Champion


Well, yes, but that was a team effort as well. And it was only the first time Clint had done it (except with 1243?). Maybe we’ll add MARC and/or Kettering Kickoff though. Anyway, vertical suspension at MARC is a possibility, but by no means a certainly or perhaps even probable. At Kettering, though, there will be no more excuses.

Hey! - <pic of moon> - That’s the one I (and perhaps a few other handsome, witty folks :)) suggested.

True to my word, (Here) I am now grinning.

Do I win a tee shirt? :slight_smile:


We at Team RUSH like to keep everyone on their feet and having fun:) It’s nice for us scouters, too, as we get to stretch our legs. Remember Dave’s way of shaking his thing? I laughed so hard. Glad people enjoy our cheers :slight_smile: Now we need to get the rest of the championship teams to do the cheer with us!

I have too many favorites from that list, so I’ll just say great job!!! :slight_smile:

Hey, put on twin verticals and we can to it in tandem…

I’d love to see another:

“Easy as Pi!” on yours and
“Sweet as Hunny!” on ours.


I think in the division finals you had something like “On to Einstein” in the the first match, and then in the second match (after losing the first match) it was “On to Einstein?”

I must say that when I say the “Oohh, shiny” I instinctively went “Oohhh, shiny!” :o

If 2337 has verticals (2 of them) on for Kettering, I suspect we might see Breakaway’s only ELEVATION + 2x SUSPENSION BONUS ever there.

Dave, the judges, and the other volunteers had the best ways to shake their things. It’s always great to the volunteers spirited and dancing!

I loved the signs. I wish the video crews had showed them at the end of all of the matches (they did for a lot of them, but not all)

It just said, “Einstein?” during the division finals. We were being hopeful. hehe
We didn’t change the signs inbetween matches of each round of the eliminations, as we didn’t want to take away time from Pit Crew’s much needed robot assessments.

I found an error in your code, let’s debug:

If (33=Team) WIN();

In this setting, 33 is your variable (assuming you defined it earlier). Let’s assume 33 is currently set to null. In your example above, you are saying “If set 33 to Team then call Win” However Team is not a valid variable, instead it should be ‘Team’. So that would kill you first. THEN you are setting 33 to Team, I think you would rather do a Binary test now wouldn’t you? You would rather it be “If 33 is Team then call Win” which would require double =. So for this statement to function properly, you should have wrote:
If (33 == ‘Team’) WIN();

I disagree. == is not =.
= sets one variable to another. == checks for a comparison. so I am checking that team is equal to 33, if it is, then win. The order does not matter.
Actually, in C (or C++), it is better to put the constant before the variable, in case you forget the second =, so the compiler will give you an error for setting a constant instead of getting some crazy error at runtime.

EDIT: I see that BJC forgot the second =. The actual one says “if (33==team) win();”