List of robots/mechs in onshape

Wanted to start going through some other robot designs with my students, and realized that I either wish a resource was available, or that I’m bad at finding an existing resource.

I have made this post a wiki so others can edit/add to it. I would like to create a list of public onshape documents that people can turn to for examples/inspiration. If there’s a better way to implement, I’m all for it. Really, this could become such a large list that it’d be better to be on a website like TCA or TBA that can filter tags to only what’s requested by the user. I’m thinking tags would need to be standardized to some degree, and definitely refined from what I have (for instance, split elevator into cascading vs continuous) What do y’all think?

2018 Robots:
FRC 319 - 2018 (tags: elevator, lift, climb, WCD)
FRC 5803 - 2018 (tags: arm, WCD)
FRC 5406 - 2018 (tags: elevator, lift, climb, WCD)
FRC 4909 - 2018 (tags: elevator, am14u3)
FRC 5145 - 2018 (tags: elevator, am14u3, pneumatics, parallel claw)

2019 Robots:
FRC 2910 - 2019 (tags: swerve, arm)
FRC 1678 - 2019 (tags: pass through elevator, lifter, WCD)
FRC 668 - 2019 (tags: elevator, arm, WCD)
FRC 4909 - 2019 (tags: live axle, rack & pinion, elevator)


2767 2017 and 2018 robots
2017 (tags: shooter, indexer, unlike gamepiece sorting, swerve, climb)
2018 (tags: elevator, climb, swerve)

I am not sure of the completeness of these models as linked

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All of 1836’s cad models are available on Onshape publicly.

Also, TBA had some discussion about incorporating Onshape models after a feature request by yours truly. Not sure if anything came of it…

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For 2008 through 2017, the Blue Alliance advanced team search can be used to find CADs teams shared. Here are search results from 2017:

For 2018 and 2019, advanced team search is broken as far as CAD search (I submitted a bug), but you can use a Google search like [ 2018 “1 CAD Model”]. Here are 2018 results:“1+CAD+Model”&“1+CAD+Model”&gs_l=psy-ab.3..33i160.11478.98775..111446...1.0..0.167.2828.39j2…0…1…gws-wiz…0…0j0i131j0i10j0i10i3j0i30j0i5i30j0i22i30j33i22i29i30j33i299.aZ6LmIj_x1g&ved=0ahUKEwiNxrHl1tXjAhVQqJ4KHUfPDhkQ4dUDCAc&uact=5

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That search can be dialed in a little better by searching: inurl:2019 “1 CAD Model”


You can insert from other documents in onshape by writing MKCad-(what you need).For example MKCad-Wheels.
You can use it for parts in onshape

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Here’s our 2019 CAD:

I’d probably use the same tags, maybe add custom drivetrain gearbox


Here’s us.

Kind of hard to find it by searching though, next year we’ll put up some more tags.


Thanks. As a find time or examples I use, I’ll definitely update my post.

If anyone has favorite examples for different things (say good clean examples for a cascading elevator, pass through turret, slip ring turret, swerve) that in particular can be used as examples, please send them my way!

@Ty_Tremblay - Really appreciate the organization of y’alls models. It’ll hopefully inspire us to be that clean too!

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It’s basically the only way. Otherwise you spend half the time scrolling through the tabs at the bottom.

I have nightmares about scrolling through un-organized robot CADs in Onshape Mobile.

Here’s us: Team 95 2019 onshape project

Ours from 2018, 2019, and 2020 (blank as of today, but follow along during build season!)

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