List of Speakers for Kickoff, including 2 former Presidents!

Found an article detailing the list of speakers for Saturday’s Kickoff broadcast:

The list, in order of appearance:
– Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report
– Jon Dudas, FIRST President
– Former President, George W. Bush
– Walt Havenstein, FIRST Chairman
– Chairman’s Award video by FIRST Team 359, Hawaii
– Former President, Bill Clinton
– Dr. Woodie Flowers, FIRST National Advisor
– Scholarship video by Jean Zheng, Stephen Hall, Yale University
– Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company
– Dean Kamen, FIRST Founder & President of DEKA Research & Development Corp.
– Kate Pilotte, Collin Fultz, FIRST Kit of Parts Engineers
– Aneesh Chopra, White House CTO
– Alex Kipman, General Manager, Hardware Incubation, Xbox, Microsoft Corp.
– Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator
– Jim Heppelmann, CEO, PTC
– FRC Game Design Committee Introductions
– Bill Miller, Director, FIRST Robotics Competition
– Team Safety Animation winner, FIRST Team 3705 Arrowbots
– Dr. Aidan Browne, Chief Referee, FRC
–, Grammy-award winning artist/producer and Director of Creative Innovation, Intel
– and other Special Guests

Looking forward to Stephen Colbert’s contribution. We asked for money from his superpac last year, but didn’t get anything but permission to name our robot after him. Hence, the Stephen Colbot was born!

So are we officially part of the Colbert Nation now?

Is coca-cola new to the family?

If Colbert does this in character, it would be awesome. :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him out of character, not even once.

Here’s him talking with John Kerry out of character.


Not really. They were a supporter when Championships were in Atlanta. I understand executives were in St. Louis at Championships, last year. I think they want us to come back to Atlanta again!

This thread might be of interest to you. Please search before you post. ::rtm::

I did search, but didn’t see it…thank you so much for pointing it out.

Definitely looking forward to Stephen Colbert.

cant wait to here colbert’s humor :slight_smile:

Bill Clinton!! Yeah!:yikes: :yikes:

Never out of character.

Cool, I want to see what the CEO of Coke has to say. I’m also interested in what has to say this year, as well as whether or not he wears his hat. :]

Maybe now he’ll say, “It’s really dope.” :slight_smile:

Wait, since Bilfred is on the GDC now, does that mean he’ll be shown at kickoff?! :eek: