List of Teams by Year Created?

I thought this to be the case as well, and FIRST lists 148 as an original and sustaining team. I’m wondering if they split from another team that started in 1992, getting a new team number in the process.

148 is indeed an original team, by sponsor, competing under “E-Systems Inc. & Dallas Christian School” in both 1992 and 1993.

In 1994 E-Systems Inc. added a second team at “Greenville High School” (148).
In 1995 Dallas Christian School got a different primary sponsor.

So, that’s one of the discrepancies I mentioned before due to tracking by schools vs sponsor.
I change the record above to reflect that.

I do have records, but the splits are somewhat buried, and haven’t been vetted.

Numbers weren’t permanent until 1998, and in 1998 they were with their current school, so 148 has always had the same permanent number.

You’re right, for some reason it just slipped my mind that they wouldn’t have had a permanent number at that point. Thanks!

Are they here?

That’s a summation, and is good up to a point, but I haven’t necessarily kept the team split info up to date through this year.

There’s a decent amount of weirdness here as well with 207, 294, and 330.

Edit: whoops, I was looking under the wrong number.

Take a look at the 1997 block.

Mark’s well aware of that weirdness–I’ve brought it up more than once.

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So, it appears that in 1997:

  • 302 (under a different number) attended the Midwest Regional, played no matches, and won a Judges Award

  • 1817 (under a different number) attended the National Championship, played no matches, and won a Judges Award

Seems the judges back then had an interesting standard.


I remember another award (one not requiring a robot) for a year or two.
Teams could submit and win a particular award at multiple events without regard to if their robot competed there or not.
I’ll have to search through my notes.
Maybe it was for Website or animation?

Are you looking at TBA? It doesn’t have match data for that year:
(and I can’t find working links on either)

Yes that’s where I looked. Both places. I guess we don’t know anything about matches played at those events, unless someone recalls.

I was at both. I recall there were matches. My team didn’t win many.

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Technokats had this results summary, but I don’t remember finding actual FIRST records of individual match scores from the earlier years:
97_results_chicago.pdf (50.5 KB)
97_results_natls.pdf (53.5 KB)

Thanks to @Karthik for providing the data, the TBA API was a little outside my knowledge range. I was able to convert the data into excel, which made it easy to sort them by year.

Here is the sheet I used for anyone that is interested: FRC Teams By Year Eric Kline.xlsx (822.3 KB)

That’s just the data provided by @Karthik here, coveted directly to Excel.

We were then able to come up with the list of teams year, which @Mark_McLeodwas able to confirm, thanks to him for that.

We will be making a new thread in the coming days with our findings, so look out for that. Its looking interesting, yet unsurprising.

Thanks to everyone else who helped!

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Complete random question but does anyone know if there was a team 2319 at any time?

(Crouches and looks toward the ceiling) It does not appear that there was ever such a team. According to Mark’s list in post 7, this was in the gap between 2007 and 2008 numbers.

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So how do teams get a specific special number? Like they get old numbers but they’re young.

After a brief search on my sheet and TBA, it doesn’t appear so.

“Old” numbers are given to new teams when an old team splits. There may be other ways. (?)

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