List of Webcast Sites

The Blue Alliance -

Watch FIRST Now -

The Red Alliance -

It takes a full-time job to maintain individual regional links, but feel free to post them yourselves below!

Watch FIRST Now will be broadcasting Toronto East, Toronto West and Waterloo this year. As always archive matches will be available shortly after the match has ended. We will also be providing our add free broadcasting to the Quebec and Calgary Regionals.

All dates and times are tentative, but here’s the list:

Toronto East: March 7-9th Broadcast will start as soon as matches start on the 7th.

Waterloo: March 21-23rd Broadcast will start early Thursday, Archive matches may be delayed for this event.

Toronto West: March 28-30th Broadcast should start on Thursday around lunch time.

Will WatchFIRSTNow be adding chat as a displayable option?

Yes, sometime over the next week we will add a global chat option.

Currently each stream has their own chat.

Anybody else getting the traverse city feed in black and white and a sort of split screen where you see the same feed twice?

Yes, and no audio from the mic’s. Only on videos played (animation, etc.).

Why is nobody streaming Kettering?

FYI - TBA’s link isn’t working without the www prefix. Temporary DNS issue, most likely.

Not sure what the status is of this:

The FLR stream is way, way too quiet. Traverse City stream is still messed up, with part of the bottom of the picture on the top of the screen…

EDIT: Actually, it’s now the other way around: the top of the picture is on the bottom of the screen.

It should be working. At least it is now.

I know Greg is having issues trying to get the signature images working again, so that might have been part of it.

FIRST in Michigan is supposed to be handling that stream, but as far as I know, nobody has shared any links.

At The Control -

(can I get a mod to add this to the original post?)

wasn’t Madstream a thing at one point?

Yes, but they merged most of their code and/or features into TBA Gameday.

Anyone else having trouble with TBA Gameday today? The 2 computers I tried (Tablet and Desktop) both gave me security certificate errors.

TBA is being derpy right now…

Not sure why you’re getting certificate errors. If anyone else is also having this issue, please let us know.

We’ve updated GameDay with a bunch of live streams, and are adding more as we get links to them.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to support GTR East because WatchFirstNow has prevented “other websites” from embedding their stream. What a shame. :frowning:

Thats pretty dumb. I don’t see a valid reason for doing so. Now I have to get off of TBA and switch between TBA/WFN for one webcast…


Our stream shouldn’t be protected. I will look into it.

Thanks =)