List of website award winners

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I would love to take a look at some of the best website award winners from last year’s regionals. Is there any sort of consolidated list on the FIRST website? I should couldn’t find one.

Thanks in advance.

A good one to look at is because it’s won 2 world website awards in various incarnations.

Here’s a list of the winners this past season.
You can get their current website address from the team’s FIRST listing using:*/*team #

Championship Winner:
Team 245

Team / Event

11 SC
27 MI-West
88 MA
115 SJ
115 WA-CAS
245 Alamo
245 MI-Detroit
245 MI-Troy
340 FLR
341 PA
359 HI
365 MD
433 DC
461 IN
522 LI
525 MN
573 MI-Ann Arbor
597 CA
620 VA
759 NYC
781 OH
781 TOR-West
910 MI-Traverse
935 OK
987 SD
1114 TOR-East
1114 WAT
1124 CT
1351 SAC
1429 TX
1507 PIT
1519 BAE
1519 TN
1523 FL
1528 MI-Niles
1802 KC
1816 Lake S.
1816 N. Star
1899 WA-Oly
1912 LA
1983 OR
1986 CO
1987 IL
2062 WI
2212 IS
2283 Dallas
2449 AZ
2590 NJ
2655 GA
2655 NC
2832 MI-Livonia
2834 MI-Kettering
2834 MI-State
2834 MI-Waterford
2877 WPI
2893 MO
3019 NV
3513 UT

Well, Team 1124 won Best Website at the Connecticut Regional last year. Some people evidently thought it was pretty good…

EDIT: I see Mark just topped me… well, I guess my post still stands

Thanks everyone! Off to browse…

As you browse, feel free to update the 2011 website design award winners.

Does FRC still do website awards?

Not for the last couple of years. There IS a media award, but it’s much more expansive than just website. And it’s only presented at the Championship.

Might want to check the Admin Manual. Section 6.7, to be exact.


Holy ancient thread revival, Batman!

I still miss the website award.

I wish FIRST would bring it back along with CAD and animation, maybe in a different capacity similar to how VEX does their online challenges program.

I feel that this is a good idea on paper, not so much in practice. Web design is a huge part of this award (as far as I know), and with the advent of services like WordPress and SquareSpace, creating a really good looking website is not difficult at all. So then the award is based on content, which is not a bad thing at all, but might be difficult to judge depending on the pool of teams at an event. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to reinstating the Website Award, but at the same time I don’t think it’s necessary.

More than just robots is an important mantra for students.
Website, Animation, and CAD were important non-robot design steps for young teams.

Most of the non-robot awards (Chairman’s, EI, Safety) are beyond reach for new teams. Therefore, most new teams don’t bother to apply for non-robot awards.

Hand out the non-robot Design awards at State Championship. Awards can be judged well in advanced of the event to reduce judges workload.

Does anyone know if they may bring the website award back in the future? Some of my teammates and I just redid the team’s website thinking that the award was still being presented for the last couple of years. We were disappointed to find that it wasn’t going to be presented this year, and hasn’t been presented in a bit.

I can’t read into FIRST’s plans any more any anyone else, but I’d say “expect it when you see it”. FIRST pivoted to the Media & Technology Innovation Award because the old Website Award didn’t really give any weight to the social side that is such a large part of how people consume media these days.