List priority?

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I was wondering if there was a way to define the priority of specific VI’s within LV to cut down on Watchdog errors. I’d just like to elevate the priority of


If you have open, hit ctrl-I and the VI Properties window will pop up. Under the dropdown, select Execution and you can change the runtime priority. Just be careful changing things - do so at your own risk - it may break things (but I don’t think it should…).

But if you want to avoid watchdog errors, why don’t you just speed your code and try to make it more efficient? Because inefficient code is wasting memory, and you’re probably better off making sure it’s as efficient as possible before messing with priorities. If you just have too much code in, maybe you can move some to Periodic Tasks where it can run in a separate loop.

This is the extent of our Teleop code. Still getting Watchdog errors.

The support folder in the project contains a VI called Elapsed Times. If you drop that subVI into the major portions of your code such as Teleop, Vision loop, and any Periodic loops that are used, you can then run your code and open the Elapsed Times VI. The array on the panel will show you the time between subsequent calls. You may find that some loops are running much faster than you intended and stealing CPU from the ones you care about. You may also find that the watchdogs correspond to a specific action of the driver that calls into code that competes or delays the normally scheduled code.

Greg McKaskle

Additionally, we have experienced watchdog errors when our wireless router was dealing with too much interference. Try moving the router away from large pieces of metal or electromechanical devices. You could also download a tool like “inSSIDer” to determine if you are having interference because of multiple networks on the same channel.