Litter Strategy

After reviewing the rules and looking through chiefdelphi it seems that many teams are considering completely ignoring the aspect of putting litter in/onto the recycling containers. Then I came up with the idea for a design of your robot in which you might be able to tilt the recycling container towards the human slot so that the human player might be able to put the litter directly into the container earning an extra 6 points when stacked. If this is valid then it would create a far easier way of scoring with the noodles then having to pick them up off the ground. Any thoughts for this would be very helpful.

With the recent decrease in size in the litter tube (an update to the manual, just a correction though) the noodles would fall more accurately than previously thought.

Adding onto what Connor said, it seems like it’ll be doable to keep the container upright and get the litter into the container without a specialized tipping mechanism. To me, it seems like a lot of complexity added for a task that’s doable without any added complexity.

You may want to design a bucket onto your robot to carry litter instead. I foresee a good amount of teams adding this on at competitions. Human players can insert 7-10 at once over the wall and it is an easy 10 points to end with your robot in the landfill. I don’t think I want my alliance partners ever throwing litter.

It’s a confirmed legal strategy by the GDC to stick 'em straight in.

On the other hand, our outdoor practice area saw quite a few 4-point shots last night. We’ll have to keep score next time.

We plan on throwing the litter so that it blots out the sun, thus rendering all vision tracking useless…

Okay maybe not but still the implications of litter are pretty big. We threw a pool noodle at you and have effectively nullified those 4 totes you just pushed on there…
Kinda of confused on how I want to approach it…

Your opponents have 20 seconds to push the litter in to the landfill descoring your 4 points and adding 1 for them. I highly doubt you will see noodles thrown once people see how they actually work in matches.

The other alliance can feel free to throw their litter at my side if they want. There are better things for my alliance to do than to struggle to push litter around just to get one point at a time.

Ok I have a question, (for this example I will assume that you won’t run out of containers, which is not a safe assumption, but for the sake of discussion.)
Because placing a piece of litter in a container and building a stack one taller(that has a container on it.) are worth 6 points. For perfect strategy, can you place a litter faster, or add one layer to a stack? Because the one that you can do faster should be the one that you build a robot to do.

The answer to that probably depends on where you’re getting the container from, eh? If you are using one of the containers that starts out in the loading zone, then it’s a short trip to the human play to load the litter. If it’s one of the containers from the landfill, then it’s a long trip.

Then we’ll play in the shade.