Little problem...

Alright. We’ve got a problem. (And by we, I mean Team 501) Some may think its small, but I dont think so. I’m making a custom dashboard. Now, on the front board, I’ve dragged in some things that my team said would be helpful. Now, when you do the CTRL+E, and you “wire” the block thingy’s together with other components, I’m completely clueless (the rookie status suggests it) in the world of LabView, and I just need something like a cheatsheet or a few diagrams… Thanks in advance!:confused: :confused: :confused:

There is a pdf describing how to make a custom dashboard here Dashboard Tutorial 2011

Thank you very much.

Thanks a bunch! I hope its helpful!:]

no problem also when your done with it make sure you just build it with normal settings cause if you change any you’ll get a licensing error and have to make a new one which isn’t fun