LittleBot Driverstation now free

The LittleBot Driverstation is now free on Google Play, check it out here.

I’ll put the source code up on github whenever I get the chance, please take a look and see what you can do to improve it.

It still says it costs $.99 for me.

It’s free for me.

I downloaded it. Can you the inputs to be any number you want them to that way you don’t need to change the code on the robot?

Joysticks can be 1-4, axis’ 1-6 and buttons 1-16. Sliders are untested and voltage indicator has a small bug.

You may have tried downloading it too soon, changes take a few hours to take effect. It is free now.

I can’t figure out how to edit the joystick configuration. I think it might be getting cut off from the screen on my nexus 7.

To edit, enable the ‘Edit’ switch then long-click on the white area, a dialog will come up.

One thing little that I just noticed, is that disabled is spelled “dissabled”.

Also, are you planning on updating it to support the 2015 protocol?

Sorry about the misspelling, thanks for telling me about it, the English language is sometimes hard for me to figure out.

If I can figure out the 2015 protocol before the end of the 2015 school year than I will update it, otherwise I’ll leave the task to others.