"Live" at Kickoff

This thread will act as a kind of chat forum for all the people watching the kickoff to discuss what is happening on screen and to express your amazement about the new game.

Live from Swearingen Engineering here in Colatown:

–Man, Dave got a haircut!
–Man, it was so long ago that I got a haircut!
–Those logo interludes are an interesting change. Thumbs-up.


USB based controllers can now be used

that means that you can use a Xbox 360 controller!

Woohoo! third! most epic!
Woohoo mac support support, way to show love for those of us on mac os x.
the laser pointer on the camera is gonna be really helpful.
and multiple target tracking.

More than one target Dave hints?

maybe thats what the 5 is about. 5 targets??

Has anybody else’s feed had several split-second cutouts in a row? (We got it on the NASA TV feed here at the remote kickoff.)

yeah ive had that using windows media player

yes, same here

yeah somethings up with the connection hopefully we wont lose it! I want to know the GAME!!

Its the signal, no matter if you’re on NASATV or the webcast.

I so glad to see they considered the Mac. I wonder where the link to downolad parells will be.

Probably on the FIRST website later today.

it will most likely be on the FIRST website :slight_smile:

I wonder if the targets have anything to do with the hint last year about the Red, Blue, Green targets

I love how we’re mere moments away from being told all the intricate details of the 07 game, and yet we’re still trying to decipher that clue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Red and Yellow Cards!!! ahhhhhh the influence of Baker has reached everywhere.

But seriously, this is a great thing.


tubes!!! i was right!!!