LiVE from Chicago...(SOAP)

We are in process of setting up the webcast in conjunction with our friends at NASA. **Please stay tuned for details. Remember, today is a “practice day” for us too. ** We will also make it a to-do to have live scoring on

SOAP Team - Team 108
Motorola & Dillard HS & Taravella HS

KA-108 :cool:

What is the link?

Are there any other Regionals being webcast?

Thanks SOAP for providing this service!

2 Motorolans + 1 NASA Engineer + 300 Nextel cell minutes (and still had a healthy battery into the night) + 9 hours 45 minutes of troubleshooting the router, desktop, video cables, operating system services, windows media server settings, real producer settings, encoding hardware, QoS, NASA-KSC network, NASA-Ames network, and different helix servers across the country = The 2004 Motorola Midwest Regional WEBCAST!!

Please appreciate the level of commitment we have for this project. Also, take this as a lesson in never giving up. There is always a solution to a problem…somtimes it takes a long time to find it.

This site should have a link soon:

If not, go here directly:
(You will need Real Player)

Also, scores will be posted LiVE at


SOAP Team - Team 108
Motorola & Dillard HS & Taravella HS

KA-108 :cool:,
Mike Sansone, SOAP108
Mike Downs, Nasa

You guys are truely awesome. My boredom will now cease.

I agree with RJ, thanks guys! Now I can not do my schoolwork and steal the teacher’s computer and watch at school. :slight_smile:

Thank you SOAP! You guys are really amazing.

Go figure, now that there is a webcast, i dont have anything with RealPlayer to watch it. [stupid PDA…] but i’ll definately be watching when I get back from class.

Thanks again for your hard work.

This is the smoothest SOAP stream I’ve ever watched!

Awesome! You guys have definitely made my day!
(If I had know it would be so good, I would have woken up before 11AM)

Thanks a TON guys!

Who is happy he has no classes today.

Sweet. Thanks. Also the archive will look great too with a crisp 640x480 capture! We’ll start to post the movies during lunch (cant consume too much bandwidth with the stream, of matches, going…).

Thank NASA too!!

KA-108 :cool:

my wig off to you guys, thank you

Thanks to SOAP! Your work is always greatly appreciated, I found it useful and enjoyeable for many years while in FIRST.

does anyone know who is the play by play annoucer at chicago? Just heard a great quote from him: “They’re all over Beatty like cheap perfume.”

wow! nice webcast indeed, but did anyone notice that results and standings are being shown at and ?

Dan Greene from Wildstang.
He’s been awesome.

“Watch out for those sigmacats, they’re no technokittens… they look tough!”
“They’re like squidward from spongebob”

He’s just great.

As far as the regional goes, we’ve been watching… too early to tell, but there is a lot of AMAZING potential, and some seriously awesome robots.

Thanks again SOAP and NASA.

im waiting for technokats next match, i really want to see them

im waiting for the Cyber Knights next match…I really want to see them!

MidWest Regional Awards:
Regional Woodie Flowers Award- John Budish Team 537
Imagery Award- Team 217 - Thunderchickens
Leadership in Control Award- Team 447 - Team Roboto
Xerox Creativiy Award- Team 93 - New Apple Corps
Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award- Team 111 - Wildstang
DaimlerChrystler Spirit Award- Team 1259 - Paradigm Shift
Friday’s Judges Award- Team 1101 - The Mustangs
Rookie Inspiration Award- Team 1296 - ComauPico & Rockwall High School

Those are the Awards at the Midwest Regional on Friday. More competition and awards to come tomorrow. :slight_smile:

All I am getting now at 7:20 EST is the newest in a series of tapes, “Sounds from a sleepy competition.”
The test pattern is up, but every once in a while, you can hear people talking inaudibly, or laughing.

Nice… I think I will leave this on all night and fall asleep to the sounds.

If anyone is there right now, and is reading this. Say something in the mic!!!

If you like to refresh your browser every 5 minutes then FIRST is the way to go. You’ll find more details about the seeding on the SOAP site. This gives a much better understanding why a team is ranked where they are.

Also, the seeding scroller in one window + webcast in the other = one really nice LiVE experience…so says quite a few people watching at home (see previous posts about IRI 2003).

Video from Friday is now at:

KA-108 :cool:

I just arrived in chicago today to visit famliy and realized that the competition was going on! My team, 954, is going to the San Jose Regional next weekend. I was just wondering if anyone could let me know exactly where the regional is at Northwestern? We’re staying very close to it, at the Hilton.

Thanks, David


Here you go: