Live IRI Auction Draft & Pick'em League - Winner Receives a Cooler Master Keyboard/Mouse kit

IRI is back and so is the live auction draft and pick’em league.

Join us tonight (Monday) at starting at 8:30pm eastern as 10 teams have $200 to bid to create their ultimate lineup!

Watch, heckle and compliment their picks and prices paid and get ready to create your own lineup paying the prices they have paid in our Pick’em league. Winner of the Pick’em league will receive a Cooler Master Keyboard/Mouse kit (US) or Amazon gift card (outside of US).

The IRI Pick’em is NOW OPEN through Thursday 3pm eastern. Draft at

What are you predictions for what certain teams should be valued? Post below!

If you missed the live show last night here’s the archive. Pretty awesome to see the thought process on how these teams were valued:


@Tyler_Olds did you just ENCOURAGE me to heckle?

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Yes, yes I did. I mean hey I’m not making the picks :stuck_out_tongue:

The IRI live fantasy draft will be starting in a few minutes! Come join us and provide your opinions on the prices paid!

The IRI Pick’em is NOW OPEN through Thursday 3pm eastern. Draft at

We will use traditional SLFF scoring which utilizes the district points system.

Winner of the Pick’em will receive a Cooler Master MS120 Keyboard/Mouse kit (US) or an Amazon Gift card (Non-US)

Note: 2200’s price was replaced by 5010

Not quite. Teams receive 5 points for all matches won in which that team played, regardless of whether the alliance wins the series. For quals and alliance selection, SLFF scoring is the same as district points.

That little bit of minutia aside, thank you Tyler for hosting another fun auction draft! QD had a great time playing tonight

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The form has a small typo. Has 5010 listed, but has MM Rambotics listed as the name instead of Tiger dynasty.

For those interested in seeing the dollar amounts for each team, see below (sorted by highest bid):


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Thanks for the clarification!

Fixed, thank you.

Thanks Nick! Also sorted by Team number:

Sold For Number Name
$39 FRC 33 Killer Bees
$13 FRC 48 Team E.L.I.T.E.
$18 FRC 51 The Wings of Fire
$24 FRC 88 TJ2
$29 FRC 107 Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.
$22 FRC 111 WildStang
$30 FRC 118 Robonauts
$47 FRC 195 CyberKnights
$36 FRC 217 ThunderChickens
$34 FRC 225 TechFire
$18 FRC 234 Cyber Blue
$28 FRC 319 Big Bad BOB
$49 FRC 330 The Beach Bots
$20 FRC 340 Greater Rochester Robotics
$28 FRC 364 Team Fusion
$17 FRC 461 Westside Boiler Invasion
$25 FRC 548 Robostangs
$24 FRC 868 Techhounds
$36 FRC 910 The Foley Freeze
$36 FRC 930 Mukwonago BEARs
$24 FRC 1023 Bedford Express
$11 FRC 1024 Kil-A-Bytes
$15 FRC 1073 The Force Team
$66 FRC 1114 Simbotics
$35 FRC 1241 Theory 6
$13 FRC 1410 The Kraken
$17 FRC 1676 The Pascack Pi-oneers
$27 FRC 1684 The Chimeras
$45 FRC 1690 ORBIT
$22 FRC 1718 The Fighting Pi
$16 FRC 1720 PhyXTGears
$10 FRC 1730 Team Driven
$19 FRC 1747 Harrison Boiler Robotics
$28 FRC 1807 Redbird Robotics
$19 FRC 1923 The MidKnight Inventors
$76 FRC 2056 OP Robotics
$29 FRC 2075 Enigma Robotics
$40 FRC 2168 The Aluminum Falcons
$25 FRC 2337 EngiNERDs
$19 FRC 2403 Plasma Robotics
$37 FRC 2468 Team Appreciate
$38 FRC 2481 Roboteers
$33 FRC 2614 MARS
$37 FRC 2767 Stryke Force
$53 FRC 2910 Jack in the Bot
$20 FRC 3357 The COMETS
$11 FRC 3478 LamBot
$55 FRC 3538 RoboJackets
$19 FRC 3604 Goon Squad
$28 FRC 3641 The Flying Toasters
$34 FRC 3707 Technodogs
$35 FRC 3847 Spectrum
$14 FRC 3940 CyberTooth
$18 FRC 4028 the Beak Squad
$18 FRC 4265 Secret City Wildbots
$40 FRC 4362 The Gems
$20 FRC 4607 C.I.S.
$20 FRC 4776 S.C.O.T.S. Bots
$21 FRC 5010 M.M. Rambotics
$32 FRC 5190 Green Hope Robotics
$13 FRC 5205 Full Metal Jackets
$38 FRC 5406 Celt-X
$46 FRC 5460 Strike Zone
$14 FRC 5511 Cortechs Robotics
$15 FRC 5801 CTC Inspire
$22 FRC 6443 AEMBOT
$18 FRC 7457 suPURDUEper Robotics
$20 FRC 7498 Wingus & Dingus

Public Submissions list:

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If you missed the live show last night here’s the archive. Pretty awesome to see the thought process on how these teams were valued:

Are there any other events that you’re planning to do this for?

Are the live draft results posted somewhere? I don’t see a link to them in this thread, but I could very well be missing it.

I made a quick website that should automatically update the teams’ scores in real-time as the event progresses. You can find it here. Currently the teams in the list are those that were in the spreadsheet when I made the page. I will update it with the final team list and draft teams’ lists once the pick’em closes tomorrow.


Here’s what I have for results from the live draft.

Thanks, I added the draft lists to the site. You may need to clear your recent cache to get the newest updates (Ctrl+Shift+Del for Chrome)

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Looks like 2 team owners have exceeded the $200 limit.

Yeah, we will just exclude them in the end results.

I always try to do at least a little “pre-scouting” before an event I’m competing at. I figured with these Pick’em drafts becoming more of a thing, I thought I would do my pre-scouting in the context of looking at the value of teams in a theoretical auction draft. After doing this, I compared what I came up with to the values the teams spent in the live FUN draft. I thought I would post what I found were the top 10 under-valued teams in that draft based on my estimations.

In a short summary, based on a number of factors (including OPR, Alliance Selection 2019 history, Elimination Performance 2019 history, Probability of making eliminations, and some other criteria) I generated a projected auction draft value for every team given the constant of 10 draft teams with a budget of $200 each (same as the draft Monday night). Based on these generated values, I have compared them against the actual values from the FUN draft and came up with this list.

Before anyone asks, I am not going to post how exactly I generated my projected values. I may put together a “most overvalued” list later, but I generally don’t like to talk down other teams, so we’ll see.

Most Under-Valued Teams in the FUN Live Auction Draft

#1) 364 - Team Fusion - Gulfport, MS

Proj. Value: $52.02
Proj. Value Rank: 4th
FUN Value: $28

It is likely the biggest reason this team was not bid up higher in the FUN draft is because they are from Mississippi, an area generally less known to the community. An exit in the SF in Carver at Houston did not help either probably. However, 364 sported a mean OPR on the season of 40.32, good for 4th best out of the entire field behind only 2056, 2910, and 1114. They won both of their regionals this season, and seeded #1 in Carver.

#2) 3707 - Brighton Technodogs - Brighton, MI

Proj. Value: $50.99
Proj. Value Rank: 5th
FUN Value: $34

Chalk this one up to 3707 being one of the last high contenders still available. By the time they were drafted, most of the draft teams were running low on funds, which contributed to 3707 being sold for a lower amount. With the 5th highest mean OPR (39.51) behind the same teams mentioned above and 364, I think everyone expects 3707 to be gone early on in alliance selection.

#3) 2403 - Plasma Robotics - Mesa, AZ

Proj. Value: $31.97
Proj. Value Rank: 26th
FUN Value: $19

Similar to 364, I think 2403 was hurt by their location. With IRI and the FUN draft participants being “North Champs” heavy, less people are familiar with Arizona teams. While not super high on the projected value list like the previous two teams, the projected values show that 2403 has a good chance to be on an alliance on Saturday afternoon, which plays a big part in the Pick’em game.

#4) 3478 - PrepaTec LamBot - San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Proj. Value: $23.14
Proj. Value Rank: 48th
FUN Value: $11

As the trend continues, 3478 is definitely being hurt by being from out of the country. Only 1730 had less money spent on their bid in the draft; 3478 is clearly worth more then the $11 spent on them. While projections don’t show them making eliminations, with how many ups and downs can occur at an event like IRI, with the right uptick in performance and some help from the schedule gods, I could see them making it.

#5) 111 - Wildstang - Arlington Heights, IL

Proj. Value: $33.80
Proj. Value Rank: 21st
FUN Value: $22

No this isn’t your Dad’s Wildstang. But it also isn’t your know-it-all college mentor’s Wildstang either. After going through a lot of turbulence the last 5-6 years, 111 has really come back strong and it showed this year after they won both their regionals and the Carson division. I would be surprised if they weren’t in eliminations this weekend, and that alone makes the $22 spent on them too low.

#6) 234 - Cyber Blue - Indianapolis, IN

Proj. Value: $29.09
Proj. Value Rank: 33rd
FUN Value: $18

This host team likely was a victim of the Indiana syndrome when it comes to IRI, where Indiana teams can sometimes be valued lower simply because they are local and there is an assumption that the barrier of entry for them is lower. But with 234, they definitely belong in the mix. I currently have them projected to just be on the outside looking in on Saturday afternoon, which means there is still a decent chance they make it. A consistent team with a solid OPR, don’t sleep on this historic team.

#7) 1676 - The Pascack PI-oneers - Montvale, NJ

Proj. Value: $27.72
Proj. Value Rank: 39th
FUN Value: $17

This 2017 world champion team is likely still thought of in that 3rd-4th robot role. But this season 1676 competed at a high level in the MAR region all season, and was able to seed #1 in the Darwin division. They’ll need a couple things to swing their way or to step up their game to make it to eliminations, but they are likely worth more then the $17 they went for.

#8) 1023 - Bedford Express - Temperance, MI

Proj. Value: $33.76
Proj. Value Rank: 22nd
FUN Value: $24

Always a strong MI team, 1023 had a tough draw in the Curie elims, losing to the 3538/195 alliance in the QF, and this likely hurt them in the auction. Their one of those zippy swerve robots that can crank through cargo really well, and isn’t a slouch at hatches either. Definitely a team I would be surprised to not see in eliminations, as they would likely play great defense if needed.

#9) 3604 - The Goon Squad - Brownstown, MI

Proj. Value: $28.21
Proj. Value Rank: 36th
FUN Rank: $19

For a team that won the MI State Championship as the third overall pick in their division, it’s a bit surprising to see them go for only $19. They were the third robot on the #6 alliance that lost in the QF on Darwin, so this is likely the last thing people remember, but with multiple offseasons of practice over the last month, 3604 will likely be one of the sharper teams ready and our on the edge for making it to Saturday afternoon.

#10) 118 - The Robonauts - League City, TX

Proj. Value: $38.42
Proj. Value Rank: 15th
FUN Rank: $30

What a way to end this list. Probably the only time 118 will ever make an “undervalued” list. Their H drive this year is clearly the biggest reason people are doubting them. Their SF exits at TX States and Worlds hurt them, and many argue that the H drive was a big factor. Their play during qualifications all season and eliminations at their district events prove that they are still an offensive powerhouse when not defended. If the rumors are true about making some changes to their drive, then look out because they could be the 118 we are all used to seeing at IRI. Even if they don’t switch away from the H-drive, it’s still 118 and I would still expect them to end up a captain, 1st pick, or an early 2nd round selection.


Two hours left to get your IRI pick’em list in at

There will be a score site for IRI located at (this will be updated after the form closes) Thanks to @AriMB for putting this together!

The public submission list is located at

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