LIVE on March 12th @ 6:45PM Pacific: Robot Reveal 2023 Presented by team 2976

It’s that time of year again!
Team 2976 started an in-person reveal event last season, and it was an incredible experience to be able to work on a different style of media. This year we’re going bolder with the 2023 reveal and we’re excited to announce that 4 other teams will be joining us on March 12th at 6:45 PM Pacific time to unveil their robots. There will be around a 30-minute waiting period as the live audience files in, so expect content to start at around 7:15 PM.

The Stream:
We made some pretty significant upgrades to our stage tech and backend systems to be able to dual-stream to the in-person stage as well as Youtube. The stream is already scheduled and can be found here and below. This is our first year attempting to stream to 2 feeds at once, so we apologize if the Youtube side of things has quality issues - we’ll be prioritizing the in-person stage so if the stream ends abruptly, we probably took it down for performance reasons. That being said, I don’t anticipate any issues and we’ve had less than 1% dropped frames from both render lag and internet speed in our test streams thus far.

The Teams:
As i mentioned earlier, 4 other teams from the PNW FRC district will be joining us on stage to present our 2023 season robots! They are:

  • Team 948, NRG
  • Team 4131, the Iron Patriots
  • Team 5938, MI Robotics
  • Team 7461, Sushi Squad

We’ve worked tirelessly with these teams since last November to help them produce incredible reveal videos - it’s been a challenge to fit in production for 5 reveal videos this year instead of our usual 1, but we think the additional work has been worth it for the final product. You’ve probably already seen Sushi Squad’s reveal reel floating around, so consider it a teaser for what’s to come in the other 4 reels that we’ll be unveiling on Reveal Night.

Want to join in next year?
Yes. It’s possible, and we’ll be releasing some more information about logistics for Robot Reveal 2024 at this year’s event, so stay tuned if you have plans to participate.

We hope the event will be as enjoyable for you as it was for us to put together! See you all on March 12th!


Today’s the big day! We go live at 6:45 PM Pacific time and expect to start the event around 7:15! Robot Reveal 2023 | Presented by Team 2976, the Spartabots - YouTube

And we’re live! join in!

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