Live-stream Ideas

Hey. I am trying to work out live-streaming for some events. I was wondering about anyone’s thoughts on xSplit. I am planning to grab a couple of axis IP cameras and run them into my PC running xSplit and broadcast that way. To me is seems like a relatively low cost way to stream events. Thoughts anyone?

I have a couple, and I think one will make your life easier and one harder.

The first is that traditionally, there’s an A/V box behind the curtains at regionals. If there is one at the events you’re thinking of, all you’ll really need to do is plug into that, instead of getting your own cameras. (If there isn’t one, or if you don’t want the view that the audience sees, then yes, you will need to supply your own camera(s).)

The second is that you will need internet access, which at many events can be a little tricky–talk to whoever’s putting the event on to see if you can get some. At official events, the field gets priority on internet access, FYI.

For the last 2 FTC qualifiers at our school I setup a similar live stream. We used the KOP Axis camera, ran into a switch which also had an internet connection. Then a dedicated computer was running Adobe FMLE with a “IP camera driver”. We had various amount of success with different drivers, but this one worked with the axis camera IIRC, but you can find more info on similar drivers by searching Google. With FMLE you can stream directly to UStream and a few other services as well. If you are using a streaming service you can utilize their own streaming software, but FMLE gave the best quality and frame rate in my experience. Having a solid internet connection is the only drawback I can see with this setup.

3266 has used Xsplit in harmony with a HD Haugepauge box (optional, you can use a direct feed as well) to webcast two events this year. It will detect pretty much any video input (RCA/HDMI/Component), along with being able to add your own titles and image layers. It’s a very powerful program and has a lot to offer, I would strongly recommend it.

edit: should also mention that Xsplit has it’s own “Add IP Camera” option. Axis Cameras will work fine with this.

This setup will probably be used at multiple events and I cant always count on using the venue’s cameras. Yes, Internet will be an issue. I will probably get a 4G usb wireless card from clear or something to provide internet. If it turns out well, I’ll be using the same setup for several events. As mentioned xSplit has its own IP camera setting. I figure that the Adobe encoder is higher quality probably, but wouldn’t that introduce a higher level of latency to the stream? What would be the major benefits of using the Adobe encoder instead of the built in xSpit one?

Go ahead and use XSplit if that’s what you’re comfortable with, I was just explaining my setup and how it worked out for me. I’m not sure how a 4G usb card is going to work out for you in terms of a reliable and fast connection, but I’ve never used one so I can’t say.

Did you use some sort of video mixer? How did you go straight from the encoder to the broadcasting site say Justin tv or one similar? Were you able to switch between multiple cameras? I’m not comfortable with anything yet. I’m just trying to get some sort of idea on a low cost solution to a webcast. Thanks for your help.

xSplit allows you to setup multiple “scenes”, which can be setup to have one or more camera in each. It’s essentially a virtual mixer.

FYI, Open Broadcaster Software is like Xsplit, only free, open-source, and better in terms of performance.

Here’s some info on using a “remote” encoder with Ustream, basically Ustream provides an xml file with the info FMLE needs to stream directly to your channel.

I never needed to switch between cameras, so there’s not a mixer in my setup. It was a good setup for a single camera, but something like xplit or OBS like synth3tk suggested would be a better option if you would like to mix. With OBS I believe you would still need some sort of driver so you could use your IP camera like a regular video-for-windows device.

Does OBS allow you to mix directly in their software? I thought you could only mix from another piece if software. On another note, how does the field score overlay work? I what bus would it connect to my pc with? I know there is the score overly with a magenta background to key out, but I need to know how it interfaces with the live stream.

The staff takes care of that at the regional level. (possibly districts too, but it depends on your budget + expertise)

The minimum you are required to do is add the video source and turn on your broadcast. The score overlay, field camera, camera changes, etc etc. are all handled by the professionals. Again, at the regional level. I’ve heard Code Red uses a GoPro camera to stream a full-field view for multiple FiM districts since they don’t have camera crews at some.

As for the bus, it depends. We had to buy an RCA to USB connector. But if you have an HDMI input on your PC you can use that. We’ve always came prepared with both RCA and HDMI just in case.

What do you mean the “Professionals”? At the events I’m going to there will be no professionals that I know of… I have been asked to run the Red Stick Rumble webcast and later in the year, possibly help out with a couple of Houston VEX league play events. As far as I know, there will be no professional web-casters there. I’m trying to learn how this works so I can make it work at these events. As of now, I run my own photography and video production business ( I have a good bit of experience with cameras, but this will be my first dabble into webcast production.

Thanks for the info on Code Red by the way. I have been trying to find out for some time on their webcast setup. I have heard many great things about it. I have also heard rumors about a “Code Red Box.”

Anyway, thanks!

So the output is both HDMI and RCA? That is great. I can grab an avermedia capture card and be set then. Thanks!

Ah, okay. So you’re going to be in charge of cameras as well then. I strongly recommend the GoPro method then. And by “professionals”, I mean the crew that the regional committee hires to handle the camera work.

Sorry, what I meant to say is that it could be either. RCA (the yellow-white-red AV) is more standard, it’s most likely what you’re going to see at RSS.

Yes I’ll have an RCA adapter. It shouldn’t be a problem. As for the GoPro method, how did you stream the feed from the camera to your pc? That sounds like a very good way to run a stream.

GoPro’s have a Mini-HDMI output that you can plug in to. Buy a Mini-to-Standard HDMI cable and you’re set. If you need a device to help you archive matches on the fly I recommend the Hauppauge HD PVR 2. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it.

If you have any more questions feel free to PM me. I’m not too experienced, but I wouldn’t mind helping any way I can.

ninja-edit: alternatively, there is built-in WiFi that allows you to remotely view what the GoPro sees from a console. (iPhone/iPod via App, Computer, etc). You may be able to stream that way but I’ve never tried.

Team 1678 has been working on something very similar to what you guys are talking about. We’re using Xsplit with custom video overlays and then streaming it via

The system is still in production but we plan to debut it at Powerhouse Pwnage in September. For now though, here’s a screenshot of the prototype UI: