Live Stream Live Now

I had an old thread about live streams but it never really said we were streaming so now this will be the thread that gets updated to inform anyone interested when we are streaming. We missed last friday the day I had set to try and live srteam. So to make it up here is the MLK day stream. Come watch and say hello. For future live events look to this thread or Sub to the channel. Anyways here is the link.

Broke the first stream here is the new link.

And we are LIVE again! Come say hello.

Live once again. Hopefully we power up our robot today for testing. Should be streaming most of day unless I break the stream. Maybe some ball launching action? Come watch and say hello. ::safety::

Back again with the last live stream of the build season. A look at where we have been hiding our programmers. Hopefully we can get to testing our cam today and make some 10pt shots! Anyway here is the link!