Live Streams? Once a week build stream?

Not really a question about how to make them but to see if anyone would be interested in a once a week live stream of the build season. I know that the robot in 3 days stream went over very well so I was wondering if through out the build if others would be interested in a once a week stream of our build and how its going throughout the 6 weeks. With the teams YouTube channel being able to now live steam I think it would be really cool to try it out and see if anyone would be interested in watching. Our team is all about showing other teams our thoughts and not keeping it a secret until bag and tag. So now that I some how made you read this thread would anyone like to see this happen? Any input is very appreciated.

I think this is an interesting concept, but maybe not so much for other teams as for sponsors/other interested people. Most FRC teams are going to have a pretty solid idea of what they’re doing and what other teams are doing, but for sponsors to be able to see what’s going on would be really cool. Even if you currently provide them with written updates, there’s something better about being able to see it.

I think it’s a great idea! Have you guys worked out the legistics?

My team, 4265, plans on doing a google hangout each day streaming both our classroom and our workshop. And maybe having open hours for teams/sponsors/etc to ask questions virtually. However, we are debuting this today so I’m not sure if google+ hangouts or Youtube will work better.

If yall have already worked out the bugs we’d appreciate help. And if we find something that works/doesn’t work we’ll share with y’all too!

on the days i am not at work and in the pit we run a live stream of our pit. it is a Google + Hangout through YouTube. (now with sound… :eek: ) its now a HP Webcam HD 5210 Webcam running through one of my old laptops pointed directly at the pit. we find it useful to document this years build season and to show to our current and future sponsors to come watch. had about 60 hits on day 1 live feed.

Hang out Link

As far as the stream I plan on using my Elgato yes on word Elgato. Its a device that allows a HDMI input and through its own software will steam to YouTube or twitch. Its made more for console game capture but I can HDMI out of my camera into the device. The limiting factor is the schools wifi. The upload speed need to be high enough to get a nice stream. So far it look like the stream may be sub HD. Ill be testing the secured wifi now that I have the password. I did a test stream on my own just getting things ready and it all looks like it should work. I plan on trying it out tomorrow so we will see what happens. I know that the YouTube live stream uses google+ but streams it back to YouTube. This is something we have never tried and the open hours for questions is a great idea. I hope this works out and becomes a useful way of getting in contact with sponsors, other teams, and future sponsors. Who knows it could end up being a everyday stream and becomes a new part of the team along side the build programming and business. Ill let you know how things go after we try one out. Feel free to join in tomorrow The stream may go up around 4 or 5. Here is the YouTube channel for our team. I think I’m done rambling now. Wait Ill be using my Sony NEX VG-10 for anyone wondering what camera Ill be using, and maybe using a Blue Yeti Mic plugged into the camera ( if i get really ambitious).

And we are live! Check it out and say hi.