Live Streams

FIRST, please, I beg of you, leave the live streams on full-field. I was just watching the Houston World Champs, finals, and had no clue on what was going on the entire match. Instead, I had a great view of robots scoring in the exchange zone. WHILE! 254 had a cube stuck in them and 2910 tipped over, like how did that even happen?

For those not watching, These clipswillhelpexplain.

Yes, thank you, exactly what I mean.

Anyone else feel like the volume level is super inconsistent? There have also been some problems with the visuals like not showing the first couple seconds of the final match or showing a green screen with scoreboard overlay only

I know it was impossible to tell what happened!

The production value has been horrible, pretty much as usual for FIRST. They still can’t seem to listen to people telling them to dump the huge “breaks”, the long “speeches”, the changing camera angles, the ‘over the top’ garbage that makes it unprofessional and unwatchable… I’m watching this before going to Detroit and I have to say it’s made my mind up about whether I want to sit around for 5 hours to watch this… disaster.

The sound to me has been by far the worst issue. Most of the divisional streams I watched seemed good, the camera flips on Einstein are annoying but the sound has really been what is awful both for Round Robin and Finals. I keep turning volume up and down constantly.

And can we talk about Emma Dumont?

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Cameraman strikes again

I completely AGREE! It is unbearable to watch.

I hope that Detroit is nothing like this.

SRE is doing production for Detroit, so it shouldn’t be super bad…?

Finals 2: Great views of the switch, “parts” of auton and cutting the scores for half the match.

Just. Leave. It. On. The. Whole. Field.

They must contract a completely new video production crew for Einstein that has no clue how the game works.

Einstein Finals specifically. The Round Robin matches I was pretty happy with.

Here’s some clips offinals 2!

My dad and I were watching the finals and were both (he more than I) getting quite frustrated with that. Perhaps next year have two streams that are the exact same but during matches one has “cinematic” shots and the other has a static shot of the whole field?

This clip is the most infuriating thing I have ever seen and is 100% proof that the only acceptable shot is full field.

I’m 99% sure we had the EXACT same complaint last year.

I get it, you want to make it a big show, but don’t make the stream unwatchable 2 years in a row.

I hope they fix it for next year.