Live video with Kit Camera

In the manual of the cmu Cam it says that you either have a pal camera or ntsc camera based on which model, our model is the black and white ntsc, the only thing it says is that thier is a jumper but it doesn’t say anything about outputing it except that u need a ntsc monitor.

Has anyone found a way to connect the camera to a monitor for live video and eventually wireless, (So you can see when u drive???)

Any IDEAS!?!?

Thanks Brian

Wireless For fun not during competition maybe demos. Just wondering how to connect.

But as stated the kit camera has a bad picture. So i dont know how useful that picture will be for demo’s

Didn’t 237 have a camera last year? I know someone did, but I can’t remember who. It was wicked cool, though. It would’ve been nifty to have something like that on the RhodeWarrior if we weren’t constantly flirting 129.9 lbs :yikes:


heh. you still have .1lbs left. get one of these
sorry. didnt know what to look for on google so i found it on ebay

Just remember that this year’s weight limit is 120 pounds… :wink:

If you’re already using this years camera to sense where the colored tetras are why not build a little .5 W TV transimitter and then hook it up to a spike. Then you could power it and transmit video, I suspect that this would be less than 1 pound because your not carrying around power specifically for the camera… but the primary goal is to build a robot, this would just be something extra that woudl be cool :slight_smile:

In 2003 100 got special permission to put a wireless camera on our bot at Sacramento. We couldn’t see the feed, it went straight to the AV guys, but they showed it on the big screen a few times.

please referance the following two rules.

<R53> Custom Circuits may not:
*Be used for wireless communication, such as sending or receiving a signal to and/or from the alliance station.

<R94> Any decorations that involve broadcasting a signal to/from the robot, such as remote cameras, must be cleared with FIRST Engineering prior to use. Teams may not use 900 MHz camera systems.

Not including the battery. So overall the robot can be slightly heavier.