LIVE Webcast from the Suffield Scrimmage

Please go to and view the LIVE webcast from the scrimmage in Suffield, Connecticut. On the homepage, the link is right at the top. Post your comments about the scrimmage on this thread. Have a small taste of “Triple Play” action before the Regionals!

I am getting the same error as I had before, is anybody else continuing to have this error as discussed in the initial thread?

:edit: nevermind thanks for the link Boucher

paste that into the address bar

This is great. I wasn’t able to make it to the Scrimmage today, so being able to watch it makes me feel like we’re in regionals already :slight_smile:

I’m getting an error from WMP:

“Windows Media Player cannot play the file. If the file is on another computer, verify that you are connected to the network. If you typed a path, verify that it is correct. If the problem persists, the server might not be available.”

Congratulations to 88, 177, and 38 for winning the scrimmage!

so sad, right when I get into it, it finishes.

Congrats to the teams that participated, there were a lot of good games.

any chance we can see some of the matches later on?

If no video is available soon, could someone post a summary please? Thanks.

Our team took some video, but mostly only the matches we were in. I’m pretty sure we’ll have something cobbled together in the next couple days.

The 2005 Suffield Scrimmage is over, and it has been a very exciting day. Here are the rankings after the qualification matches:

  1. 1124
  2. 178
  3. 88
  4. 839
  5. 173
  6. 177/230 (There was coin toss to break the tie, and 230 won)
  7. 999
  8. 38
  9. 1071
  10. 716
  11. 176
  12. 126
  13. 1058
  14. 236
  15. 1099
  16. 1524
  17. 228
  18. 181
  19. 95
  20. 809
  21. 1373

The Finals said it all:
FIRST PLACE: 38, 88, 177
Second Place: 230 , 999, 1124

Every team did their part, and it was very exciting to see this game take action. For those who watched the webcast, we thank you a lot, and hoped you enjoyed the game as much as the people on the field did. I will try to get scrimmage footage on our website for those who missed it. Now, we wait for the Regionals! The real fun has just begun…

The webcast was great and I learned a lot from it.
It got really exciting at the end.
Thanks Shelton High.

BTW- Nice job with play-by-play announcement Andy Grady!

And Mike Dez, you are such a ham in front of the webcam. :wink:

we’re probably going to be posting some footage from the scrimmage within a few weeks, for anyone who wants to watch it again. i’ll post the link here once it’s up. :slight_smile: