"Live with Lucas" Mock Match

Finally I have the time to look through the 15 gigs worth of video and pictures I have from Palmetto. I have uploaded on Youtube a mock-up match we had during the “Live with Lucas” broadcast at 4:00 A.M.


(FYI: The Video may not be immediately available as it is currently being processed, so please keep trying if it doesn’t work!)

Thank You and I guarantee you there is more to come!

Tomasz Bania :cool:

While You wait, here are 2 pictures from the end of the match.

Red Alliance

Blue Alliance

Thank You and sorry for the wait!

Tomasz Bania

P.S. Here’s a Picture of me and Billfred in Palmetto.


Sorry for any Inconvieniences, but YouTube is currently updating their servers, causing the delay.

Tomasz Bania

Oh well, I’ll see if it finally works tomorrow…

Tomasz Bania

P.S. Here’s a Picture of me and Billfred in Palmetto.


Ah, that was an interesting match. First time we’d ever flipped a robot. (Wouldn’t be the last, either–look up Q48 on SOAP.)

I can’t wait to see what it looked like on the air.

I thought they already showed it.

Tomasz Bania

It would have been a little more exciting if the score would have been on the big screen. :cool: It was really fun to watch team 818 (It was kind of fuzzy, I think that’s the number) keep on almost tipping over the maroon bot, and the maroon bot always managing to right itself. Is live with Lucas a local TV program or something? 'Cause that match would look really cool if shot by a news-type camera.

It’s a segment on the local NBC station’s morning show. (They actually cut away mid-match, since the segments are only 90 seconds.)

Did anyone tape the Live With Lucas segments from over the air?

The footage quality is because of youtube compressing it, I have the 120 meg non-compressed version which looks better but I haven’t been able to find someone (or something) to host the non-compressed version.

Mind you this was filmed on a camcorder that records directly to a 2 gig SD card.

Tomasz Bania

Also reported (I thought you read the rules :rolleyes: )

Chunky I don’t know what you and your RT buddies are doing here and I don’t really care but you guys best go back to where you came from. Go mess up OT if you want but leave this place alone!

I agree Koko Ed.

Hmm Im just gonna ignore all thos off topic and deleted posts…

The live with lucas match was one of our better matches of the day…However the pre-interview with lucas sucked. We were gonna do it tethered…and the FIRST guy told us that they had turned on the field so we could use the wireless…but they didnt have it set up all the way…So lucas started interviewing me…and then told me to show off our bot…and it sat there…for 20 seconds. Kinda embarassing :frowning: , but they got good footage of us working on it lol.

As far the match though, I think it went well. (We were the little maroon bot lol)

It was pretty funny our team constantly tryed to knock you guys around but when you fell you just came right back up. Your robot was very innovative. Great Strategy. I agree that it was possibly the best (sadly) match of the day.

Whats with the off topic posts?

Edit: that was weird. When I was logged off, I was able to see those deleted posts.

Tomasz Bania

Apparently, my schools proxy doesn’t allow us to youtube…

Tomasz Bania