LiveFRC - Goes Live March 12th 2013

L!VE is a completely student created and managed site for all FIRST Robotics Teams. L!VE is an innovative, social, and analytic new platform that will enhance the atmosphere at the FIRST Robotics Competition. L!VE offers real-time streaming of information, energy, and excitement. At the core of L!VE is L!VE Service, L!VE News, and L!VE Metrics. L!VE Service is a dedicated team of students ready to respond to any questions or problems to make L!VE a fun and hassle-free experience. Anyone can submit text, photo, and video to L!VE News where it will be quickly filtered and uploaded to the main page of L!VE. The L!VE News Team will also post its own articles and photos of the competition but will under no circumstances write biased information. L!VE Metrics is a specially developed scouting program that provides real time data submissions from each competition for all teams to see. L!VE Metrics has been made the number one priority of L!VE to ensure that all data entries are accurate and that any inaccuracies are immediately corrected. Our goal is to enable the FRC community to be fully immersed and engaged in the competition. See you at the Regionals!

We go Live on March 12th 2013, everyone can register for an account and start uploading photos, of “Before regionals” and even at the regionals!

LiveFRC Website

We had slight issues with the registration system this morning, but everything has been fixed the website is officially online!

Experiencing log in issues.

Sent you a PM.

This is an awesome project for the Saint Louis Regional this year. It is a great benefit for the “semi-local” teams like 3862 and 3885 to really connect with the local Saint Louis Teams. I think this will be a hit!:smiley: