The LiveFRC beta testing at the St. Louis regional went great! we relized we would need internet so by frisday evening we rand through 4gb of cell phone data, We will have unlimited internet access at the Crossroads regional and at championships!

We took the photo uploading down for a little while, we want to sort the images by regionals, and days, then we will put the photo uploading back online.

Over the 3days of the event we had over 800 visitors and over 10,000 pages loaded!

We will keep the news going at the cross roads and the championship we will also do Metrics there, in the future we will be testing a new metrics system to allow teams to upload their own scouting data of their robot so that we can have every FIRST Team in the system instead of just the ones at the st. louis regional.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contacts us at
[email protected]