llamas, llamas,llama

This story has to be about llamas. but in the story you haveta use the word “llama”…the story can be random, facts about llamas, w/e, but it has to have the word “llama” in it. If you want to look at a cool website to get ideas go to www.frolic.org
lets get started! lol

Lllamas are the best…

Courtney…you have now officially went psychotic haha. Just playing, but why llamas? Llamas are better then pink ponies though…

Pink Ponies and llamas are friends though Kyle…

Pink ponies and llamas?!?!?! :eek:

It has become obvious that the 2005 FIRST season isn’t arriving quick enough. :rolleyes:

Oh well, I’ll play along though…

Llamas have yet to be incorporated into any FIRST games.

If pink ponies are ever in a FIRST game I will so be the driver and run them over…HAHA

…and then the llamas died. All of them.

The end.

That’s no fun!

All the llamas died except one, wich models for Nullsoft to use in Winamp. :wink:

nah… lets try that again.

Because using actual llamas would be too $$$$, they actually used stuffed synthetic skin. The llamas are still munching on grass in the andes.

The Llama Song

Theres a song by the Rascal Flatts called Llama. its pretty funny.

I never heard that one court…I might just have to hear that one

yes Kyle…u must hear the llama song by Rascal Flatts…ill bring that song to a regional or nationals lol

you have no llamas in your post!!! :mad:

(since I didn’t mention llamas last time I will this time)

I want to go to a petting zoo and see llamas and stay as far as possible from the pink ponies!

This is what happens when the post-season and pre-season drag on too long. We break down to talking about llamas and pink ponies.

I hear ya Jamie…it gets scary when Llamas come in the picture…

My goal in life is to go to a Llama far and feed the llamas and see them spit. If i pursue my dream, i will be the happiest girl in the universe lol if any one wants to join me in my quest of going to a llama farm PM or just tell me lol theres also a band named Llama which is really good…there song is in Swim Fan like in the very beginning.

Once upon a time, Court’s Mom (myself) discovered that her daughter loved llamas. The Mom decided to be her chaperone to find the Llamas, but judging by how her Mom tends to “behave” Court might end up being the chaperone. The Mom kidnapped many of her friends and dragged them with her, so that everyone would feel the LlamaLove.

Genia i have an idea…the whole family can go to the Llama farm! lol Me, you, Lisa, Kyle (aka K Dawgg), and Jake. It can be a family bonding lol

Llamas are fun! Llamas are nice! Llamas are there to scare the mice!

A poem by Testament-Doom :D!

very nice llama poem! Me and my friends wanna start a girl punk rock band and guess wht we wanna name it? yup…LLAMA! or Quackums (if you ever go to dominicks and go in the junk food isle, theres a brand name named Quackums, there like cheez-its…and when we baught them we couldnt stop laughin because just the name of it cracks us up. lol)