LLVM ERROR: out of memory

Title says it all. I have a branch of our code that throws this very soon after the robot starts.

Dashboard shows 57Mb free, so I have no idea where to start…

Never mind. Seems to be a result of using GitHub - PseudoResonance/Pixy2JavaAPI: Pixy2 API ported to Java for FIRST Robotics RoboRIO and having a large number of returned blocks.

We’re connected via SPI; we’ll just tune the Pixy2 better and dig into it after the season.

You can specify the maximum number of blocks when retrieving blocks from the Pixy with that API.

Yep, we already took it from 25 to 8. Seems to break somewhere between 10 and 15 returned blocks.

Will dig into it after the season.


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