Loader for Vex thinks it's FRC

Somehow my EasyC for Vex thinks it’s EasyC for FRC. I can’t even run iLoader.exe independently, it keeps giving me the message about pressing the PROG button (which only exists on the FRC).

Any idea how to get out of this “mode”? I’ve done all the obvious stuff. The controller verification returns FRC, it’s a complete mystery to me how that could be. I can’t even download the Default Code, or the Online Terminal Code.

Even deleting the loader.ini file and restarting didn’t help. FWIW, I don’t even have EasyC for FRC installed (though I know it’s the same code base for EasyC, but since this is just the loader, I’m perplexed).


It sounds like your PC isn’t communicating with the Vex controller successfully.
I’ve gotten bogus results from “controller verification” even when the cables are completely disconnected.

If the PROG button for Vex on the orange TTL-RS232 converter box isn’t helping, then you might try the standard cable swap to see if there’s a cable problem (serial cable from PC to Vex converter and phone cable from the converter to the Vex controller).

Hi Tac,
I would suggest reinstalling your EasyC for VEX software using this link. If that does not work, please drop me a PM and we’ll get it straightened out.