Loader Wheels

I was just wondering…what are those green/orange wheels that everyone seems to be using for their loader?



Do note that each team receives a $30PDV for Banebots, and that you can purchase (unfinished bore) wheels with it.


Having used both the banebots wheels and a PVC roller wrapped in grippy material, I’ve found the latter works better (though both work very well). You might want to consider that.

What was your “grippy material?” What diameter was your PVC roller? What diameter and width wheels did you use? What wheel spacing did you use? Was the compression on the ball in both cases identical?

we have used both orange and green BB wheels on our intake. Both are the larger 3 7/8 inch wheels because we had them laying around.
The color of the BB wheels indicates their hardness. The green being the softest/grippiest. We have not seen any difference in ball acquisition between the green or orange. Compression is minimal as the BB wheels really grab the ball as long as you dont try to be to low on it.

Compression was fairly similar. The roller was 2.5’’ diameter, covered in blue TheraWrap. The banebots wheels were similar size, maybe somewhat bigger (don’t remember offhand). Unfortunately, as this was with different teams, we were running them off of different motors, but the roller consistently seemed to outperform the wheels both in hand drill-driven prototypes and on the final mechanisms. The roller was driven with a RS550 on a 26:1 reduction. The wheel pickup used a BAG motor on a reduction that I don’t remember offhand.

No, it’s not the most controlled of comparisons, I am aware.