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I have the camera set up with the RC, everything is hooked up fine, except I need to put a backup battery on there. (until then, running off the 5v analog is working fine for LabVIEW testing)

I have a “mini” board setup to try and program, only problem is no program runs when I load it onto the board. When I load the camera program nothing happens on the terminal window, when I load serial diag, nothing happens. Only thing that appears is the IFI when I reset the RC. Please help, I’ve had so many hardware problems, I haven’t even touched the code yet :frowning: !

Ok, I attached the backup battery, the servos and cam have power and everything seems fine, except the code is doing nothing. Infact, no code that I tried to load seems to do anything. Any suggestions at all? PLEASE! I’m really stumed on this.
I can load everything on the board, all the lights are running, just nothing happens in terminal window, or on the bot. Do I need to attach the Operator Interface for codes to work? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


I guess I should do that then. Thanks alot. Too bad I have to wait until Monday, because the school is locked up. But I’m happy to have found what the problem probably is! Thanks again!