Loading Program to Controller.....problems

We have been uploading our program for some time now and it has always worked properly until recently. Now when we add a function to the code, no matter what the fuction is, the code will not upload to the controller. The strange thing is that we can comment out ANY bit of code and recompile and upload the code again, except this time it works. We have already checked the size of the code and the utilization and we are using about 41% of the space, so we have basically ruled out that problem.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how can we fix it??


Team 1284 - DART

Do you have the current IFI loader?(look on IFI’s website) The original one had problems over a certain code size.

PAth names are limited to 60 characters. Try moving your hex file straight into the C:\ directory and try loading it to there. That could be the problem

Say, There is a compile option for large/small space. Would that have to do with this?

The program sits in the root of C: so we know that isn’t the problem. I haven’t talked to our programmer in a few days, so I haven’t been able to tell him to try and download the new IFI Loader.

We got stuck at some point – it wouldn’t download at all. This got us going again:


Which says, in part:

“To force your 2004 EDU RC into Wait-for-Download Mode (PROGRAM STATE orange) you can hold down the PROG button while turning it on. You must release the ON/OFF button before releasing the PROG button.”