Loaning stuff at competition: Label with your Team Number!

At CalGames this last weekend, 701 RoboVikes was kind enough to loan us a Wireless Bridge (the white “robot radio”) to replace our bad one. In the lost “FRC Institutional Memory”, we all knew to write our team number on any part or tool we loaned out, and one of the wonderful aspects of our FIRST Ethos was that the thing always came back.

I had one of my students label the bridge with “701” and spoke to someone at that team to thank them, and tell them of this “lost” practice.

Please remember to put your team number on anything you loan out at competition! In the frenzy of competition you’re going to forget to whom you loaned the thing; the recipient team is probably going to forget who loaned it out, or get back home and wonder “Where did this thing come from??”