Local development of Team Paradox's scouting app

I’ve been having some issues with the local development of Team paradox’s scouting app. I can’t seem to get login working. am I doing something wrong or am I supposed to not worry about it? can somebody help me with it?

I just sent an email off to our scouting mentor, and I should be hearing back from him soon.

thanks in advance!!

Alright, not the world’s best news.

The scouting app is having some issues, and is currently undergoing a rewrite. If you need this for an upcoming offseason event then we might be able to get one of the coders to figure something out, but otherwise we’re hoping to get the new version up and running by build season.

thanks for your help and I kinda wanted this for cal games to get the rookies used to scouting. again thanks for your help, and good luck with the rewrite.