Local kickoffs

The list of local kickoffs can be found here


I hope this is not a complete list. I don’t see a Connecticut event.:confused:

Last time I checked this list, Toronto wasn’t up there, so I don’t think it’s a complete list.

I’m sure it’s not, there are only 17 states with kickoffs listed.

I know of at least 5 that are planned in MN that are not on the list, so no, it’s not anywhere close to complete. With only 26 listed, I think they are missing at least a hundred.

Can’t be the full list; South Carolina has at least one on the way (maybe a second).

Its also missing the one at the Stennis Space Center in MS.

Stennis Space Center is posted :stuck_out_tongue:

Ek! My bad… I probably tried to look for it under Louisiana…

Emails only recently went out to those who planned the kick-offs last season. It is up to them to login and renew the kickoff event or hand the reins over to the next person.

YAY! Sydney Kickoff is officially up there now! It is going to be a great event… we’ll be up till kick-off at 2AM local time! :ahh:

Do any local kickoffs have official fields set up, and if so, which ones?

We, Cincinnati Kick-Off, won’t have an official field, but will have the field elements.

Last year we had 1 hoop set with an upper and lower goals, the fenders, 1 barrow and 1 bridge.

Were these official elements, or their low cost counterparts?

Low cost counterparts