Local Scouting on Desktop and Internet on Android

Team 4334 (Alberta Tech Alliance) is proud to announce the availability of our two scouting applications. One for Android phones/tablets and the other for desktops.

Here is the basic feature list:

Android App:

  • Internet-Based (local and bluetooth planned)
  • Saves locally and can upload later
  • Uses Google Fusion Tables for simple data viewing
  • Multiple phone support for 6+ phones to upload to the same data sheet

Our Android app is available here. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback and plan on improving a lot of functionality before competition. Any questions, concerns or comments can be sent by PM to “hiyou102” (without quotes).

Desktop App:

  • Local-Based
  • Saves every match as a different file with easy to understand names
  • Separate program to compile all data into a CSV file
  • Easy to use and detailed data for analysis
  • Unlimited undoing of actions to prevent mistakes
  • Multiple computer support for multiple users inputting data
  • Open-Source
  • Cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD)

To install the desktop app, go here, to download the main .jar file. Also, download all the .jar files here the same way (click and press view raw). Put these files into any folder you want. Make sure the library files are in a folder called “lib” that is inside of the same folder as the main jar file. This should look the same as here without the “README.txt” file. You should be able to run the Scouting_4334.jar file by clicking it, but if that does not work just run “java -jar LocationOfFiles/Scouting_4334.jar” in cmd/terminal.

All data and compiled data goes to home/scouting. To bring data entered by other computers to compile on the other one, copy all of the “.data” files into home/scouting of the computer you are compiling it on. All “.data” files are compiled into the .csv files inside of home/scouting when “File>Compile” is pressed. Those .csv files should be able to be opened in excel/libreoffice calc/gnumeric.

I wrote the desktop app in one day, so if you have questions or suggestions, PM me on Chief Delphi. The instructions might look confusing, but I’m able to answer any questions you might have.

Hopefully some people find use in these apps. We’re happy to help other teams scout.

Joel from Team 4334

I keep getting the error

“Invalid or corrupt jarfile”

when I try to run the program. Any suggestions?

Go here and click view raw to download.

I’ve been looking at the droid app for a little while now, and it is our back up plan if our scouting sheets fall through. Great app! What can you expect from a true rookie all-star. :slight_smile:

Awesome work! Just a little suggesition and it’s very minior but it would be awesome if it followed the Android Design Guidelines. It would make the whole app come together.

I can’t seem to get the decompiler working. Any other way to do it other then using cmd?

Are you able to run the program?

EDIT: If you are still having trouble, I have streamlined the program and updated the instructions in my original post.

We’ve released a new version with autonomous points (no idea how I missed that one!). Install it the same way as previous versions.