Localization using phones

I was wondering, since it’s possible to have cheap disposable phones on the robot, could you localize the robot using the phone’s built in imu and vision code you have running on it?

I suppose it’s possible, but why use a $100 phone when you can get a $100 IMU that will interface directly with the roboRIO and has software available already? You don’t have vision with that, but a cheap phone probably wouldn’t do a very good job of vision processing anyway, at least not better than a Pi with Chameleon Vision on it.

FTC uses phones for the control system. Some one familiar with FTC will have to comment how well that works. Before the rules allowed USB battery packs, a phone had (still have) the advantage of an internal battery pack preventing brown outs.

All the disposable phones I’ve used have decent cameras, and they run a lot faster than the usual pi setup. Since its a lot faster I was hoping it you could leverage that.

Team 254 wrote and app for an android phone (nexus 5 if I recall correctly) in 2016 and 2017
You can take a look here:

I think that its a headache of a solution. The wiring and data transfer is more complicated than solutions like LL or an Raspberry PI. Im not sure what phone can you get in your area for 100$ but I think that it wont be much faster than a Raspberry pi + Chameleon Vision + PS3eye camera. Btw this RPI Chameleon setup can get 187 fps and it costs around 50$


This. The main reason we didn’t have vision code working on our 2019 bot was because we tried to use a phone, since we thought it’d be easier to setup and calibrate the camera. While getting the images to the CV code was easy enough, the main problem we had with this was the wiring and data transfer. Another thing is that you’d need extensive knowledge in recompiling apps for the RoboRIO, as recompiling ADB is a necessity for connecting an Android phone to the RIO (we tried using the precompiled version from Spectrum but it didn’t work).

We decided to just order Limelights this year and eventually ended up using Chameleon since they didn’t arrive on time.

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Ok, thank you for the help!

Thank You! I didn’t realize that the chameleon setup could get you 187 fps. Are there any teams who have had experience with setting one up?

We (5987) used a Raspberry Pi 4 + PS3Eye + Chameleon Vision, it worked very very good for us.

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