Locally Simulating Network Tables for a Dashboard

For this year, I have made a custom dashboard in LabVIEW for the robot, and due to current limitations, I don’t currently have access to a RoboRIO to test my code. The main struggle for testing locally is simulating the WPI network tables locally, is there a solution for simulating these network tables with LabVIEW robot code and connecting to a driver station with a built dashboard, similar to running live with a RoboRIO? I’m on Windows 10

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I don’t believe LabVIEW offers a desktop simulator. There is a simulator for Java/C++ teams.

There is a LabVIEW simulator but it doesn’t act the same as WPILib one.

Others who know it better should correct me if I am wrong but I believe OutlineViewer has a server mode that could be used to simulate a robot passing data to a custom Dashboard.

The LabVIEW simulator will run a networktables server and allow the driver station to connect. See Tutorial 10


Thanks, I discovered a solution using this, but it’s super scuffed. I created a FRC Robot Project, and selected the “Learn LabVIEW: Ball Shooter Simulation”. I opened the driver station, ran robot main until FRC Simulation Viewer popped up, then stopped robot main from running, not closing the Simulation Viewer. Now, if I open my robot project that I have, and run robot main, it still says “simulated robot” in the driver station, and NT tables seem to go back and forth between the dashboard and the robot project. Idk how that actually works but it does. There’s most likely a better way to just integrate something into the robot project, but I didn’t find it, and it seems to work perfectly for my needs. Thank you!

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