Location at the start of a match

Due to the fact that there are 2 other alliance partners with you for every match, is there any requirement of exactly where your robots can be at the start of any match? From my understanding anywhere touching the Alliance wall is ok, but is it ok to line up #2’s robot against Driver #3’s window for autonomous? Does your robot have to start infront of you?

  • Also, if anyone knows how to start a poll that would be great to know. It said its something at the bottom of the page when submitting a thread.

You can start anywhere as long as you are touching the alliance wall. However before each match you probably should talk to your alliance partners and make sure your starting position doesn’t interfere with your alliance partner’s starting position.

What field markings are teams using to align their start positions ?

The red and blue tape marking the key and opponent feeder station. Oh and we also have a sniper style scope to line up with the middle gear (but probably won’t use it since we have vision figured out for the gears :stuck_out_tongue: )

On a side note, how are the discobots doing? Sucks we don’t have a regional together

There are also the uprights between the overflow station and the driver stations, and driver station features such as the signs with the team numbers


The edges of the alliance wall diamond plate make good alignment markers.