Location of cRIO Image


Rookie team here…

Can anyone specify where the LabView and C++ cRIO images are supposed to be located after you’ve downloaded the appropriate updates?

When attempting to image the cRIO yesterday, the imaging tool couldn’t find an image (we are going with LabView initially) to complete the cRIO setup. I’ve reloaded all the software/updates on a different computer today and would like to verify that I have the correct image before tomorrow’s meeting (I don’t have access to the cRIO today).

Thanks for any help you can lend.


Did you do the utility update on this page?http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=18758

As well as the C++ and Labview updates below it,

Yes, we did. I’m curious where the images are actually located after those updates are installed.

  • LabVIEW image is at: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\project\CRIO Tool\FRC Images\FRC_2010_v25.zip

  • C++ image is at: C:\WindRiver\WPILib\cRIO_Images\FRC_2011_v25.zip

]Java image is at: C:\Documents and Settings*username\sunspotfrcsdk\cRIO_Images\FRC_2010_v25.zip

Thanks, Mark. I’m relieved to know that I have that image located.

I’m now wanting to experiment with LabView a bit. I’ve run the LabView update (in addition to the Utilities and Driver Station updates). When I open LabView, I choose to create a new FRC cRIO Robot Project. On the next screen, I leave the project name and folder to be the defaults. I change the cRIO IP to be (though we won’t image the cRIO until tomorrow). Upon pressing Finish, I get the following error: Error 7 occurred at Open VI Reference in FRC Create Project.vi->FRC Wizard - Robot.vi. There is corresponding text saying that a file was not found. The error window concludes by saying VI Path: C:\Users\cer\Documents\LabVIEW Data\2011 Robot Project\Dashboard Datatype.ctl. The file referenced in the path is definitely not located there (in fact, I can’t find it anywhere on my machine).

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,

Might be that you don’t have Write privileges set for some reason.
There are others who have run into the same problem.

  1. Under “My Documents” check if there is a directory “LabVIEW Data,” then verify that you have the appropriate privileges to create and save files there.
  2. Check to see if the originals did not get installed for some reason. When you click Finish, LabVIEW just copies those project files from another protected location. The original of that file should be located at:
    C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\resource\plugins\NewDialogFiles\ProjectWizards\FRC\FRC Templates
    There you’ll see four folders that correspond to the robot and dashboard frameworks. All the files, such as, Dashboard Datatype.ctl should be in there.
    Be careful not to modify or change any of those original files (if they are there of course).

Thanks, Mark.

I confirmed that the folders you mentioned are located in the path you specified (including the Dashboard Datatype.ctl file).

Also, the LabVIEW Data folder you mentioned is in the appropriate location. , When I check the properties, the ‘read-only’ check box has a blue square in it. I can click and make the check box empty, but when I reopen the properties, the blue square is back. Is this my problem?


I see the same thing with my LabVIEW Data folder.

As long as you can create a folder within that directory, then you’re probably okay.

Are there any leftover sub-folders inside LabVIEW Data from use last season? Remove any that share the same name as your new project.

Does a new sub-folder get created with the name of your new project?

I went ahead and did another LabVIEW reinstall and this time I could build a new project. I’m trying to do the the basic motor control tutorial (see attached). When we get to the step requiring us to add the ‘Set Speed’ VI, we cannot find that anywhere on the specified palette. Is this because we are running 2011 LabVIEW and this tutorial is from a previous year? We are just trying to get a simple one or two motor configuration working with joystick.

Thanks again,

Basic Motor Control Tutorial[1].pdf (861 KB)

Basic Motor Control Tutorial[1].pdf (861 KB)

That’s an old tutorial and doesn’t all apply any longer.

You might be better served by looking at the built-in examples that come this year.
From the LabVIEW startup screen look in the bottom right for “Find FRC Examples…”
Double-click on that and then “Robot and Motor” for some examples.

A good source of training are the video tutorials put out by FRCMastery.com.
Make sure you look at the new 2011 videos.

Because of the integration of CAN libraries this year, Set Speed was renamed to Set Output (I think, can’t verify at the moment). Hope this will help other people that have this problem.

Thanks, Mark and Joe. We used some of the new examples to modify the tutorial. After playing with it a bit, we got it to work.

We really appreciate all the help.

It’s worth noting that this is the directory where the standalone cRIO Imaging Tool will look for files. Somehow ours wound up in a directory down under C:\WindRiver. The image selection box was empty, and we had no leads where we needed to move the files to.

Next time someone updates documentation for the imaging tool, that would be really useful to add.

The imaging tool looks at a different location for each language. When you have the LabVIEW selected, it looks in the LabVIEW location. Did you select windriver and the imaging tool told you that it still couldn’t find an image?