Location of Image Sending to dashboard/Making labview more efficient

Hello, I was wondering where in the labview code the camera image is actually being sent to the dashboard. I am trying to get rid of it in an attempt to reduce lag that presented itself after I added a 3 step vision processing script to the vision processing vi.

Consequently, I was also wondering if anybody knew any ways to make the labview code run more efficiently. Specifically, after I implemented the vision processing, the images being sent to the classmate would only update every 30 seconds or so and occasionally, the robot would continue to drive for 1-2 seconds after letting go of any controller input.
Any tips on getting rid of this?

I already tried getting rid of the build dashboard data vi and adding a 10 millisecond wait to the main loop and vision processing loop, neither of which really did much.


If you turn the button off on the dashboard, the code on the cRIO that sends images will be blocked and will not do any further work. It is possible to remove the code, but that won’t make it any more CPU efficient.

As for the performance issues, it may be a good idea to go into detail about what the steps are. Also, since the vision loop runs even when the robot is disabled, this gives you the chance to easily observe what is going on and debug.

It may be good to start with the tutorial on the Getting Started window that leads you through troubleshooting including performance issues. In particular, there is a VI you can drop into the vision loop and into other loops, each with a different string. Each time it is called, it records the elapsed time, and you can open the window to see the timing of various loops. Other options are to use the Performance Profiler.

Greg McKaskle