Location of Philly Regional

Posted by Justin.

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Posted on 9/8/99 4:35 PM MST

Hi all,

This year I am hoping to attend the Philly regional in March as it matches up rather nicely with my spring
break. I was just wondering if anyone might have an early rumor type idea of what the venue might be
down there. Thanks

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Posted by -Lori.

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Posted on 9/10/99 10:19 AM MST

In Reply to: Location of Philly Regional posted by Justin on 9/8/99 4:35 PM MST:


‘Rumor’ from the FIRST office is that the Philly Regional will be at Drexel University. (same place the team party was
last year). And that’s a pretty definite ‘rumor’.

-Lori- :slight_smile: