Location of Pits

Last year the location of the pits were in building B. Now from what I can tell from this year from the FIRST documents, it looks as if the pits are going to be in building C? Does anyone have any insight into this?


FIRST mentioned a long time ago something about addressing the long walk from the pit area to the stands. I think the Building C south entrance is at the same level as the dome entrance, and only one level above where the pits will be. Instead of fifteen minutes and four escalator flights (three up and one long down), it’s probably only going to be five minutes and one flight.

(I expect the distance inside the dome to the far fields is still going to be a minor hassle, though.)

i say any improvement in the location of the pits is going to be a good one. I do however assume that wherever nationals is im going to be doing a lot of walking. mone the less im pretty siked! i think the reliant’s distance and walking up those ramps was painfull on the last day. at least the georgia dome has escalators.

I just hope the pits have a good amount of space inside!