Location of Power Port/Target

Color me ignorant, but I’m having trouble finding where in the manual, the updates, or the Q&A that this has been discussed before… for PPC and IA does the “goal” need to be centered on the C-row as shown in the diagrams (2-10 & 2-13)? Or does it just need to be between A and E rows???

I ask because we cannot make shots from the green zone of IA. We have a static shooter and with power control we can shoot from yellow - red, but the angle on green is bad for us. BUT if we position in the corner of the green zone we’re closer to making it… and I’m thinking that if the target were a shifted a little to one side, well then the power cells may count.

We have not tried this as our interpretation of the rules was “match the diagram”. Thought I’d seek community input before committing to an official Q&A.

Figures 2-9 and 2-10 shows the target centered on the field with a reference dimension on the outside of the figure. Absent something from Q&A I would take that to mean the target is supposed to be centered. Unfortunately you are not likely to get an answer before you have to lock your score.

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